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24 July 2017: User Consultation Meeting


Performance Measurements

The User Group were asked to consider what aspects of performance the ILF could usefully measure and report on.  Regular measurement would show progress (or otherwise) in improving user service and, in some cases, show how ILF can enable people to live independently.

The group identified the following areas for performace measurement:

· Difference between ILFAs assessment and the actual offer made/outcome
· Monitoring the reasons why offers are not taken up
· Level of financial assessment by ILF/SSD (amount calculated)
· Length of application process/review process
· Comparisons with processing times of similar organisations
· Self-management versus advocacy (i.e. how many people manage their own care package?)
· Amount of correspondence between reviews

Communication of Performance Measurement (what and where)

The User Group were asked to discuss the best ways of communicating the results of performance measurements to users and other stakeholders:

· Newsletters
· Website
· Communicate timescales and improvements

Experience Surveys

The ILF plan to introduce experiential surveys at key stages in their processing.  The ILF were asked to look at at what stages they would like to see experiential surveys and what sorts of questions should be asked.  They also suggested other ways the ILF could assess how it "makes the difference" to people's lives:

· Group suggested small questionnaire after first application (offer stage), and subsequently after reviews.  No other surveys required
· Feedback forum on website
· Consider facility to upload photos on to website


· Ask about ease of form filling
· Time taken (did it meet people’s expectations?)
· Satisfied with award amount?  Why?
· Did you understand the process?  (presumably was it adequately explained by literature/ILFA etc.)
· Space for other comments

Improvements to Application/Financial Information forms

The User Group were asked to look at ways the application process could be simplified - in particular, how the application and financial information forms could be redesigned:

· Reduce repetition of info (avoid duplication of questions between forms where possible)
· Issue old forms and ask has anything changed – rather than asking people for same information
· Enable people to fill forms online
· Allow people to fill forms online/email using electronic signature
· Single form for ILF/SSD

Application Process

· Amalgamate forms
· Make forms more user friendly
· Less duplication of information
· Signature gathering minimised (why so many places to sign?)
· Clear information about “charging” at outset (financial assessment first?)

The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017
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