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Race Equality Update

The ILF first published its Race Equality Scheme (RES) in 2003.  This was updated in 2016 and presents a three-year plan, which details the ways in which the ILF intends to take positive action that will make the promotion of racial equality central to its work.  

An important part of our RES work has been to collect data about our User’s ethnic group and to analyse this data.  We have recently undertaken such analysis of this data to see how certain Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups take up of ILF funding compares against the national figures.

The table below provides detail of the comparison we have made:

 Ethnic Group National Population aged 16-64:  36.525 (100%)   ILF Users: 13,551 (100%)
 Indian  731,697 (2%)  204 (1.51%)
 Pakistani  455,024 (1.2%)  252 (1.86%)
 Bangladeshi  165,126 (0.5%)  36 (0.27%)
 Chinese  185,729 (0.6%)  14 (0.1%)
 African  372,601 (0.9%)  82 (0.61%)
 Caribbean  390,511 (1.1%)  137 (1.01%)

You can see from the above table that ILF take up figures compare very well with the national figures.  Additionally, the 2001 Census identified the BME population as 7.9% of the total population.  From the data we have collected, 8.11% of ILF users are from BME communities.

We are sending out a survey this month to all ILF users who have not yet told us about their ethnicity so we can better analyse the data and make plans to address any problem areas we identify as a result.  We already have plans to undertake outreach work within the Chinese community in order to address the low take up of ILF within this ethnic group.

With the exception of the Chinese community, which we hope to address as outlined above, we are satisfied with the current take up of ILF from BME communities.  We are happy to publish this information also in response to the recent recommendation made following the Review of the ILF, which stated:

‘The apparently low take-up of ILF by black and minority ethnic groups should be investigated and any necessary action put in place.  The ILF should review is current approach to working with black and minority ethnic users as part of its Disability Equality Strategy.’

It is ILF’s position that the analysis and work plans as outlined in this article are sufficient to fully address the above recommendation.

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Click here to see our Race Equality Scheme

[12 December 2017]

The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017
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