The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017

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MIDAS Consent - A Message for our Users

The ILF has written to all users requesting their signed consent.  This consent will enable the ILF to use a system called Matching Intelligence Data Analytical Service (MIDAS) to confirm benefit details with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The use of MIDAS is seen as the best method of ensuring payments made by the ILF are accurate and appropriate without having to repeatedly ask users to provide information about their benefits.  MIDAS will tell us regularly whether details the ILF holds about a person's benefit entitlements that the person has given us match with the DWP's records.

Being able to get this information means that the ILF are more likely to pay people more money if they are eligible for it and it also helps prevent paying people money they are not entitled to.  This reduces the risk of people being overpaid and the ILF having to recover monies.

In line with the Data Protection Act the ILF have asked current users to provide their consent to enable us to use MIDAS in this way.  Users will have also received an information pack explaining more about MIDAS and about the Data Protection Act. 

If you have any queries about the letter please contact Jon Duckworth or David Smith on 0845 601 8815.

The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017
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