The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017

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Commitment to Consultation

1.0 Introduction

The Independent Living Funds (ILF) is committed to providing the highest levels of service to both applicants and users, and strives to make an effective contribution to independent living by: “creating choice for disabled people”.

In order to achieve this aim, we recognise that positive relationships, with users, potential users and groups representing disabled people, engendered through a commitment to consultation are vital in ensuring that our practices are informed.

Consulting with those to whom we provide a service will hopefully ensure that: the quality of decisions we make is improved, any concerns/issues that have not already been identified are picked up, and areas of existing policy and service are monitored, in order for desired changes to be identified.

The ILF also recognises that, as our key partner in the delivery of services to our users, a similar commitment to communication and consultation with Local Authorities is also of significant importance.

2.0 Scope

The ILF aims to use consultation to provide feedback on:

2.1 The effectiveness of the service we deliver;
2.2 Policy changes that are likely to impact on the majority of our users;
2.3 Policy changes that are likely to have a significant impact on a minority of our users; and
2.4 Major changes to the way in which we deliver our services.     

3.0 Methodology

In order to carry out consultation exercises a number of methods are currently adopted by the ILF including:

3.1 The use of an established User Group;
3.2 The use of our website;
3.3 The undertaking of roadshow events;
3.4 The publication of newsletters;
3.5 The conducting of various surveys;
3.6 The use of volunteer organisations;
3.7 The taking part in meetings and events organised by other bodies.

Where formal exercises are concerned, the ILF strives to follow best practice on the conducting of consultation exercises as defined in the ‘Code of Practice on Consultation’ produced by the Cabinet Office. 

This sets out six criteria: 

  • build a realistic timeframe for the consultation;
  • be clear whom is being consulted, about what and for what purpose;
  • ensure the consultation document is as simple and concise as possible. It should include a summary and clearly set out questions to address;
  • always distribute documents as widely as possible, also using electronic means; and
  • make sure that all responses are carefully and open-mindedly analysed and the results made widely available. It must also give reasons for final decisions

The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017
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