The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017

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The Independent Living Fund (2016) is a Trust, which was set up by central government.  The ILF receives all of its funding from central government.  The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is the government department that gives the Fund money to pay to Fund users.

The ILF supports people with disabilities so that they can live independently at home, rather than in residential care.  It makes payments to people with disabilities so that they can afford to employ personal assistants or agency workers to provide the support that they need to remain at home.

The ILF works in partnership with Local Authority Social Services or Social Work Departments.  The Fund can only make payments to people who get Social Services Support to the value of at least £16,640 per year (£320 per week).  This support from Social Services can take the form of direct services, for example a day centre placement, or money from a Direct Payment Scheme.

Rules about who can apply to the Fund

There are some rules about who can apply to the Fund.  To apply to the Fund, you must:

· be at least 16 and under 65 years of age (and apply before your 65th birthday)

· be getting, or have been awarded, the highest rate care component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

· you and/or your partner must have less than £23,000 of capital and savings

Priority applications

New applications will be given priority as follows:

· If you are in work or self employed for at least 16 hours per week your application will be accepted so long as you meet the rules about who can apply to the Fund

Second priority is then given to you if:

· You are in receipt of Income Support, Pension Guarantee Credit, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, or have an income at a similar level* even though you do not receive the benefit AND have a care package which is expected to add up to at least the minimum package cost currently fixed at £500 per week

* Only once the financial information form is completed and returned to the ILF will we be able to tell if your income is close enough to Income Support levels for your application to be accepted. From 31 March 2009 people with income no more than 25% above income support level will be prioritised. 

If you are not in one of the groups listed above, it is unlikely your application will succeed.

If you think that you meet the rules about who can apply, and you would like to make an application to the Fund, you need to fill in Part One of the application form.  This starts on page 6.  Before you start to fill in the form, please read the notes on page 3 to 5.  These notes will tell you how to fill in the form and what to do with it when you have filled it in.  
You will also need to fill in and return the Financial Information form along with your Application Form and the SSD1000 form completed by your Local Authority Social Worker.


The Independent Living Funds is now closed 2017
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